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here Is an old interview by EASY ROC & MAD CHILD for my good friend 
One of the most original artist I've ever been proud to know! he speaks the truth!!!

-VISSIONARIES- in the good music video.

 I had the great chance to rock the graffiti backdrop with the help of my friends.
for Dannu of the VISSIONARIES in this music video. He even let us be in some parts.
mad love and respect!!!
out of all the video's I've done or have been a part of.
I love this the most strikes a cord with me every time.
it has always marked how I've grown up on the streets of 
          -NEMO ONE-

About NEMO

During his teenage years, Nemo got involved in the graffiti scene adorning the streets of San Diego with his art. This eventually lead him to doing graphic designs for numerous well-known clothing companies including: Tribal Gear, 187 Inc and Wild Style Technicians. 
Although things were going well in the graphic design industry for Nemo, the young artist grew tired of the business. SAKE IBM a good friend of Nemo suggested that he'd pursue a possible career in tattooing. Building up his name in the tattoo game wasn't an easy task for Nemo. Getting into tattooing was hard in San Diego at the time. I heard NO more times  [during the beginning of my tattoo career] than in my whole life, recalls Nemo.

Regardless of the many bumps on the road, Nemo along with the help from friends like SEVERE & Zodak One T2B FAMILY pushed through, and now, for the past 15 years  he's been putting needle to skin with no signs of stopping anytime soon. What I love about tattooing, which has been the same from the day I started, is the art of creating a beautiful master piece with only one run to do it in, expressed Nemo, And the fact that the client will love it each and everyday of their life, he added. Nemo says that he feels free when he is creating his artworks. 

Nemo is one of those jack-of-all trades tattoo artists. He likes tattooing all different types of styles. Why specialize in one or two things when you can slowly do everything right the first time? I feel that it helps with your own personal growth as an artist to focus on everything, and then you bring it together as one. If you do it right the sky's not even the limit at that point, stated the versatile Tattooer.
For the past 6 years, Nemo has been working at MIDWAY TATTOO for  Johnny McGee a great friend of his! But recently and respectfully has left to open his own Tattoo Shop called "Deville Tattoo". Where Nemo says "THE DREAMS FREE, BUT THE HUSTLE IS SOLD SEPARATELY!" We like the fact that our customers and there's many of them come through the shop doors knowing they're in great hands. Its like my Uncle Chance once said to me, If I cant trust you with a simple task, what makes you think Im going to trust you with modifying someones body?

His success in tattooing has given Nemo the opportunity to see more of the world. He has gone across the country, and has a lot lined up for the next few years such as: European and American tours. But as he awaits the highly anticipated tours, hes up in the lab creating new flash pieces.

Nemo attributes his success to the many who have helped him through out his journey including: his 3  Sons Nate & Connor, and  Sky. An his Lady Lexxy!!! The DEVILLE TATTOO FAMILIA, MATTHEW WIESE ,WONKA,DOUGH BOI, JOSH LUNA, STEVE MARTINEZ. HAUS, OMAR,  DEZL, MUK ONE, SKUNKY, RHINO AND THE  BMG FAMILIA!!! SUICIDAL TENDENCIES TATTOO SHOP,  Boog 1, Ses One, Severe and Zodak T2B, Big SOLO, El Cajon Josh,  Ames, Yuma Mario, Franky, El Jefe, Rat-A-Tat Pat, his Uncle Chance, Writerz blok, Sake ,Cisco, Mush, Junie&Kevin Marshall,  and Big John McGee for giving him the opportunity and the environment for his art to flourish.

Article by Jen Gomez

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